Webinar: December 16th @10AM EST- New Waxy Potato Starch Solutions for Snack Products

Emsland Group will hold a live Webinar on December 16th 2020 @ 10AM EST.

This Webinar will introduce Emsland Group’s new EMWAXY® potato starch product range. The waxy potato starch has an amylopectin content of more than 99%. EMWAXY® offers valuable benefits in snack applications and is a good starting ingredient when innovating new and appealing products.

Webinar Key Learning Objectives

  • Formulation example in sheeted baked & fried snacks
  • Features and Benefits of EMWAXY® in nut coatings
  • EMWAXY® Results in snack pellet application
  • Emsland Group as one stop shopping opportunity for snack ingredients


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