Emsland Introduces Complete Line of Waxy Potato Starches

The Emsland Group in close cooperation with our farming partners, R&D and manufacturing teams has developed and grown high amylopectin potatoes that have been converted into a range of potato starches under the EMWAXY® product range.

The Emwaxy starches are all derived from a natural potato variety that is refined through traditional, non-GMO breeding techniques.  These high amylopectin potatoes contain more than 99% amylopectin. This high percentage of amylopectin sets these starches apart from your standard native starches by providing unique functionality in a variety of applications. Heidrun Lambers, Head of Food Application Technology at the Emsland Group explains “EMWAXY® can provide high transparency, new textures, high thickening viscosity, and smooth and glossy texture in liquid applications such as soups and sauce and plant based systems”.  Additionally, the Emwaxy starches provide excellent expansion and crispiness for a variety of snack applications leading the way for the development of new textures. Emwaxy products are offered in both clean label and modified versions.

Emsland specializes in the farming, production, application and supply of vegetable ingredients and is committed to innovation from the soil up with the cultivation of this new potato variety.  Emsland continues to expand its product offerings for sustainable and innovative ingredients to penetrate new developments in the market place.

Please feel free to attend upcoming technical webinar on the Emwaxy product line or contact an Emsland America technical sales at  info@emslandamerica.com or lgerity@emslandamerica.com

Webinar: December 16th  2020 at 10AM EST

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