Emsland Group Releases Sustainability Report

The sustainability report “Using Nature to Create” is a comprehensive report published by the Emsland Group to highlight out programs and processes related to sustainability. With this report, we aimed to provide our customers, suppliers, co-workers and local communities with detailed insight into how we handle our most important resource: nature.

The topic of environmental and social sustainability has long played a structured and integrated role within our business activity. For decades, we have been dedicated to our mission of using nature to create, operating in harmony with the natural environment in every idea we generate and every product we create.

Together with partnering environmental companies we have developed sustainability practices that follow the think global, act local strategy to help benefit our environment. The report draws attention to the entire value chain including the areas of raw materials, products, the environment, society, company employees, and R&D.  It highlights our resource-conscious behavior revolving around the integration of total quality management including energy efficiency, environmental management, and occupational health and safety. It also reports on key figures based on GRI standards.

A copy of the sustainability report can be viewed on our homepage.

Our sustainability report is due to be published in the future at regular intervals.