Emsland Group Releases Second Sustainability Report

Emsland’s first sustainability report was initially released at the end of 2019. In an effort to demonstrate even greater transparency into our sustainability efforts, we shorten the reporting cycle of this report to two years, and have published our second sustainability report a year earlier than planned.

Our latest sustainability report “Using Nature to Create” gives our customers, suppliers, employees, as well as the surrounding local community and cultivation areas further insight into the development of our environmental and social sustainability approach. Our mission of using nature to create remains the same, we aim to operate in harmony with the natural environment in every idea we generate and every product we create.

In joint cooperation with partnering environmental companies, we demonstrated our diverse sustainability activities. The focus of this report centers around new innovation & products, raw materials, the environment, and our entire value chain. The additional key indicators in the second report are also based on the GRI standards.

You will find that this report highlights both our successes and challenges as it relates to sustainability targets. Our future viability, as well as the viability of our raw material producers, depends largely on our consistent and continuous pursuit of environmental and social sustainability. We are firmly anchored in our sustainable development approach and we are committed to prioritizing sustainability as an integral part of the ongoing goals of  The Emsland Group.

A copy of our second sustainability report can be viewed on our homepage:

Our sustainability reports are due to be published in future at regular intervals.